Harbor Tours Zeebrugge

Get on board, and visit the first Belgian offshore wind farm! During this tour you'll learn all about coastal shipping. Port signaling, several buoys and beacons, marine birds and sea mammals. You cross the international shipping route with the windmill park on the Thorntonbank as the final destination, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the coast. A unique experience.

Rederij Franlis
Jacques Brelsteiger - Tijdokstraat, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 597 062 94
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Sea Life Blankenberge

Sea Life Blankenberge gives you the opportunity to see the magical underwater world. You will get to stand face to face with all kinds animals living in the sea such as sharks, sea turtles, sea horses and many other species. The best feature is the 8-metres long tunnel under water, by means of which you see around 70 species of fish ...

ticketBook -5% tickets online Koning Albert-I-laan 116, Blankenberge
tel. +32 504 243 00
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Groede Podium

Doe-/speel- en infopark aan de Zeeuws-Vlaamse kust. De klimtoren, waterkamer, vlonderbos en dierenpark vormen het avontuurlijke decor. Er zijn bunkers en vrij rondlopende schapen. Groede Podium, verrassend natuurlijke link tussen strand en binnenland.

Gerard de Moorsweg 4, Groede
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Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord

This cultural center not only houses the public library, you can also rent works at 'Kunst in Huis' (Art at Home). In addition, major exhibitions are held such as the annual International Photo Festival, design exhibitions and an international art and antique fair.

Meerlaan 32, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 304 30
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Pierewiet Play Farm

A garden full of adventures! The craziest things happen between the pear trees. Yes: play catch, if you want. But maybe you prefer to climb the lighthouse instead, so you can jump from it. Karting? That's possible too. Do you want to jump on a huge bouncy castle, blow giant bubbles, or go super fast on a zip line? No problem. You can also try out the new trampoline of course. The choice is yours!

Pierewiet Speelboerderij
Mettenijedijk 16, Nieuwvliet
tel. +31 117 376 021
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Maritiem MuZEEum Zeeland

At muZEEum you discover and experience Zeeland’s maritime past and present in four themes: Water, Work, Glory and Adventure. Water has shaped the province of Zeeland. Water also brought Work, then and now. Shipyards, pilotage, building links between the islands and of course flood defence work. Work led to Glory: Zeeland produced famous admirals like Michiel de Ruyter. Adventure was embraced ...

Nieuwendijk 15, Vlissingen
tel. +31 118 412 498
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Shortgolf Cadzand-Bad

Lange Strinkweg 1, Cadzand-Bad
tel. +31 117 391 234
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Museum Schooltijd

Nieuwstraat 2-4, Terneuzen
tel. +31 115 720 821
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Manege Hippo d'Or Nieuwvliet

Baanstpoldersedijk 10, Nieuwvliet
tel. +31 117 371 328
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Neptunus Tweewielers

Boulevard de Wielingen 44, Cadzand-bad
tel. +31 117 392 220
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Gemeentelijk Archeologisch Museum

Marktstraat 18, Aardenburg
tel. +31 117 492 888
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Strandhotel Wellness

Blvd de Wielingen 49, Cadzand-Bad
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Golfclub Oostburg

Brugse Vaart 10, Oostburg
tel. +31 117 453 410
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Wellness Blanke Top

Boulevard de Wielingen 1, Cadzand-Bad
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Oorlogsmuseum Switch Back

Oudestad 16, Oostburg
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Movement Sports

Vlamingpolderweg 3a, Cadzand
tel. +31 643 875 581
mob. +31 622 964 016
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Fietsverhuur Roompot

Cavelot 1, Cadzand-Bad

Moio Beach

Vlamingpolderweg 3a, Cadzand
tel. +31 117 392 180
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Sporthal Cadzand

Noorddijk 3, Cadzand-Bad
tel. +31 117 391 854
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Spa Noordzee

Noordzeestraat 2, Cadzand
tel. +31 117 391 810
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