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Between Blankenberge and Zeebrugge, a narrow dune belt hosts a unique nature reserve: De Fonteintjes. This area offers an enchanting landscape of dune ponds, dune scrub, and wet dune grasslands, ideal for nature lovers and walkers.

What to Expect at De Fonteintjes?

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Experience the Natural Beauty of De Fonteintjes

With its rich flora and fauna, historic walking paths, and unique dune ponds, De Fonteintjes offers an unforgettable nature experience. Whether you are a passionate bird watcher, a flower lover, or simply want to enjoy a peaceful walk in a beautiful dune landscape, De Fonteintjes is the ideal destination. Discover the beauty of this nature reserve between Blankenberge and Zeebrugge and let yourself be enchanted by the natural splendour of De Fonteintjes.

Furthermore De Fonteintjes is near the following sights: Zeebos (±250 m), Sea Life Blankenberge (±700 m), Surfclub Icarus (±1,4 km) & Uitkerkse Polder (±3,5 km).

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