Museum House 1912

Museum House 1912 - 1

Step back in time and experience life from the early 20th century at Museum House 1912, a remarkably preserved house in the Zeeuws-Vlaamse town of Nieuwvliet. This unique museum offers an authentic glimpse into the daily life of the time.

What can you expect at Museum House 1912?

A Historical Exploration at Museum House 1912

Museum House 1912 offers a unique opportunity to experience the history of life in Zeeland at the start of the 20th century.

Practical Information

Visit Museum House 1912 for an authentic look back in time and an educational experience for the whole family.

Furthermore Museum House 1912 is near the following sights: Pierewiet Play Farm (±300 m), Funbikes Nieuwvliet (±350 m), Museum Café Het Koekoeksnest (±1,5 km), Miniature Nieuwvliet (±2,4 km) & Groede Podium (±2,5 km).

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Dorpsstraat 55, Nieuwvliet
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