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Moio Beach, the beating heart of beach fun and water sports in Cadzand. Located in the northern beach area of Cadzand, Moio Beach has been offering a wide range of activities for both young and old in a modern beach pavilion since March 2018.

What can you expect at Moio Beach in Cadzand?

A Sporty Day at Moio Beach

Moio Beach guarantees a day full of fun, sports, and relaxation in the unique setting of Cadzand. Whether you're looking for adrenaline-pumping water sports or just want to enjoy a relaxed day at the beach, Moio Beach has something for everyone.

Furthermore Moio Beach is near the following sights: Wellness Blanke Top (±250 m), Shortgolf Cadzand-Bad (±400 m), Tennis in Cadzand (±600 m), Padel in Cadzand (±600 m) & Wavekarting Adventure (±800 m).

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Vlamingpolderweg 3a, Cadzand
tel. +31 117 392 180 
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