Cadzand Marina

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A top destination for water sports enthusiasts and sea enthusiasts. With its 125 spacious berths and modern facilities, this marina offers a unique experience on the Dutch coast.

What can you expect at the Cadzand Marina?

A Luxury Experience

Discover the luxury and charm of the Cadzand Marina, a perfect place for sea lovers and luxury marinas.

Furthermore Cadzand Marina is near the following sights: Wavekarting Adventure (±300 m), Seal Discovery Bootstour (±300 m), Moio Beach (±950 m), Shortgolf Cadzand-Bad (±1,2 km) & Het Zwin (±1,8 km).

For information

Maritiem Plaza 2, Cadzand
tel. +31 661 141 097 5 
web. Website