Bizarium is a museum full of weird inventions. A museum of brilliant inventors and their boundless imagination, their technical ingenuity and above all immense passion. Bizarium inspires and surprises with genius, scientific and wacky inventions. Think of a flying bicycle, a walking submarine, a hair helmet, a swimming umbrella, as well as bizarre ideas from geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, ...

Hoogstraat 35, Sluis
tel. +31 117 852 808
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Breskens Visserijmuseum

Met onder andere videofilms over de visserij, een verzameling schilderijen met zee- en havengezichten en een collectie fossielen. Verder zijn er scheepsmodellen te bewonderen, is er een maquette van de haven en een prachtig zeeaquarium.

Kaai 1, Breskens
tel. +31 117 383 656
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Museum Het Belfort

Right in the heart of the city Sluis is the only Belfort of the Netherlands. The council meets here monthly. Also concerts and lectures are given in this unique building, as well as exhibitions. And there is a museum as well. The town hall cellar Various exhibitions can be seen in the town hall cellar. Furthermore, there is also a little old prison here. The ...

Groote Markt 1, Sluis
tel. +31 117 712 604
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More than 1,200 Belgian and 400 foreign beers from 50 countries, of course with matching glasses. You can also taste plenty of beers, like La Chouffe on draft, Oerbier, Babar, Dikkenek ... and several Trappist or monastery beers. Also lots of beer-related objects such as mirrors, beer trays, billboards and the like. The museum is housed in the cozy basement of a house located along the Stoepepad ...

Kuipstraat 36, Ertvelde
tel. +32 934 481 47
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Museum Paul Delvaux

Away from the crowd you can find the heart of the coastal Flemish art. In the midst of the Sint Idesbald living area one can get an insight into the life of artist Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). The doubter eventually went along with the foundation and the museum. Nowadays we may count ourselves lucky that the foundation and the museum exist. Inside the museum visitors can enjoy the beautiful ...

Paul Delvauxlaan 42, Sint-Idesbald
tel. +32 585 212 29
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Those who want to see the Zwinstreek region from a different angle, the Sincfala Museum offers a unique opportunity The museum is housed in an old school, where still lessons were taught to navigators and fishermen for some time. Hence an old fishing class was reconstructed in the museum. You'll learn a lot about the old fisherman's life, both on land and at sea. You can also guess sayings ...

Pannenstraat 140, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 308 72
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Maritiem MuZEEum Zeeland

At muZEEum you discover and experience Zeeland’s maritime past and present in four themes: Water, Work, Glory and Adventure. Water has shaped the province of Zeeland. Water also brought Work, then and now. Shipyards, pilotage, building links between the islands and of course flood defence work. Work led to Glory: Zeeland produced famous admirals like Michiel de Ruyter. Adventure was embraced ...

Nieuwendijk 15, Vlissingen
tel. +31 118 412 498
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Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord

This cultural center not only houses the public library, you can also rent works at 'Kunst in Huis' (Art at Home). In addition, major exhibitions are held such as the annual International Photo Festival, design exhibitions and an international art and antique fair.

Meerlaan 32, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 304 30
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Gemeentelijk Archeologisch Museum

Marktstraat 18, Aardenburg
tel. +31 117 492 888
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Museum Schooltijd

Nieuwstraat 2-4, Terneuzen
tel. +31 115 720 821
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Oorlogsmuseum Switch Back

Oudestad 16, Oostburg
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Museum Het Bolwerk

Markt 28, IJzendijke
tel. +31 117 301 200
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