Museum Het Belfort

Museum Het Belfort - 1

A unique historic monument that is not only the beating heart of the city of Sluis but also a vibrant venue for concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and an engaging museum.

What can you expect at the Belfort in Sluis?

Discover the Historical Splendor of the Belfort

Whether you are interested in local history, architecture, or simply want to enjoy a stunning view, the Belfort in Sluis offers an unforgettable experience.

Furthermore Museum Het Belfort is near the following sights: Casino Admiral (±1,0 km), Laser Gaming Toversluis (±1,1 km), Bowling Toversluis (±1,1 km) & Toversluis Family Fun Parc (±1,1 km).

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Groote Markt 1, Sluis
tel. +31 682 484 657 
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