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Discover a unique historical experience at Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed, located in the picturesque Slijkstraat of the village Groede. This museum takes you back to a Zeeuws-Vlaams farming village from the first half of the 20th century, complete with craft shops and workshops.

What can you expect at Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed?

A Day Full of Culture and History

Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed offers an immersive look into the life in an early 20th-century Zeeuws-Vlaams village, making it an enjoyable destination for both history enthusiasts and families.

Practical Information

Plan your visit to Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed and step back in time to the rustic life of yore in Groede. This unique museum offers a fun experience that keeps history alive.

Experience for yourself how people used to live, work, and enjoy in Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed at Groede!

Furthermore Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed is near the following sights: Groede Podium (±1,1 km), Funbikes Nieuwvliet (±2,2 km), Waterdunen (±2,3 km), Museum House 1912 (±2,6 km) & Pierewiet Play Farm (±2,7 km).

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Slijkstraat 10, Groede
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