Cadzand, southernmost seaside resort of the Netherlands


Cadzand is the southernmost seaside resort of the Netherlands. Situated in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, near by the Belgium border. An enjoyable resort, surrounded by dunes and green gifts of nature. As always it’s a delightful place to stay, not in the least because this beach belongs to the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. Right behind the beach and the dunes the outdoor café terraces, the shops, the pubs and the restaurants are awaiting you. When the sun is shining right into the central square, there is no better place to rest and cool of a bit as on the many outdoor terraces underneath even more sunshades.



The coast of Zeeuws Vlaanderen extends (stretches out) from Breskens as far as the scenic area Het Zwin. The beach has a length of 11 kilometres and it’s situated in a wonderful dune-area. According to meteorologists the Province of Zeeland has the most sunshine hours of the whole of the Netherlands during the summer season. If you’re not being able to relax in this place, with your hair blowing in the wind, you can reach this goal nowhere else.


The beach of Cadzand is the perfect place for a day out with the kids. On the wide sand beach they can play to their hearts content and who knows they might find a shark tooth! Different kinds of sport can be perfectly practiced here. Whether you’d like to go sailing with a catamaran or another sailing boat, surfing or playing volleyball, it’s all possible. The beach of Cadzand is an image of a real holiday! The interaction between sand and water, the gullies, the dark poles in the water surrounded by masses of rapidly moving seagulls in the air and that vast super sandbank, without the disturbing sight of any building whatsoever.



Vicinity full of special ambience and exuberant coziness. Cadzand is a large seaside resort, right behind the dunes and it has a wide sand beach, as well as a harbour. The home base of Reinaert de Vos, Jantje van Sluis and Willem Beukelszoon. In this village culture and tradition are going hand in hand (together) with sea- and beach pleasure at the coastal area.


With its luxurious, vacation homes, hotels in the dunes, wide beaches and many facilities for children, Cadzand is a place where sun lovers gladly like to come to. Boulevard de Wielingen invites to make a sun lit (drenched) walk. To look and being looked at in an easy atmosphere. In the summer it’s quite a busy region.


Both in the village and on the beach are outdoor terraces. Here you can feast on self-made regional dishes or just on a tasty ice cream. There is (more than) enough choice! You can also go shopping, for example to buy all the things you need to be able to fully enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach. At low tide you can walk all the way to Het Zwin and even as far as the Belgium Sea resort Knokke-Heist.


Cadzand consists of two totally different parts. The beach and its surrounding area possess the charisma of a sophisticated (mundane) seaside resort. A bit further inland lays Cadzand-Dorp with picturesque houses and a beautiful little church.

It’s a still good recognizable medieval ring village in the middle of witch stands the gothic church, which has been built in the beginning of the 14th century. The church and the cuddly old houses around it are typical for the image of the village. When entering Cadzand, the first thing that attracts your attention is the windmill, which has been restored in 1977 and which can be visited.


In the various surrounding villages, enjoyable evening markets and fairs are taking place throughout the whole year, but especially in july and august. Furthermore at the coast there are several marshes and old polders, which are containing fine (splendid) scenic areas, like Het Zwin and the Verdronken Zwarte Polder.

A visit to the Dutch Zwin is very worthwhile. You can park your car or bicycle there and then you’re welcome to visit the scenic area. Also walks under guidance are regularly being organized. You can participate in such a walk starting on the Dutch side of Het Zwin as well as, via the bird park, on the Belgian side.

Shark Teeth

The biggest beach sensation is to find age-old fossils of shells, ray- and shark teeth. The best finding places of these prehistoric stones are around the radar tower in Nieuwvliet and in the Zwingeul near Cadzand. Every scramble in the sand on the beach usually produces some of these fossils.


Extensive bicycle- and hiking routes enable you to get to know the hinterland of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. In the nearby village of Philippine yearly half a million kilogram of mussels is being consumed, especially by tourists. Furthermore in the local town of Sluis you’ll find a dream place for shopping fanatics, because the shops are open seven days a week all year around. As far as the distance goes, it can be easily bridged (tided over) with sporty young children. A day trip to the medieval city of Brugge or the mundane city of Knokke with its nice boutiques and shopping streets, is definitely worthwhile.