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Experience delightful relaxation and wellness at the luxurious B. Wellness & Spa of the Blanke Top Hotel in Cadzand-Bad. Spanning 1,500 m², this spa provides the perfect escape from daily routine.

Facilities of the B. Wellness & Spa

Visit as a Non-Hotel Guest

Even if you are not staying at the Blanke Top Hotel, you can enjoy the Spa & Wellness complex. With a day pass, you gain access to all facilities including wellness amenities, towels, slippers, and a bathrobe. For the best experience, we recommend reserving your spa day in advance.

A Luxurious Escape

The B. Wellness & Spa at the Blanke Top Hotel offers a perfect blend of relaxation and activity, wrapped in luxury and comfort. Whether you come to unwind or to boost your health, you will find what you need in this serene setting.

Experience the luxury for yourself and come to fully relax in Cadzand-Bad.

Furthermore Wellness Blanke Top is near the following sights: Moio Beach (±250 m), Shortgolf Cadzand-Bad (±300 m), Tennis in Cadzand (±700 m), Padel in Cadzand (±750 m) & Wavekarting Adventure (±1,0 km).

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