Groede Podium - Playground

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A unique adventure, play, and information park located on the beautiful Zeeuws-Vlaanderen coast. This park offers the perfect combination of nature, history, and playfulness.

What can you expect at Groede Podium?

Between Beach and Land

Groede Podium is perfect for families looking for a combination of outdoor activities, historical discoveries, and natural beauty. Whether you come for the adventure, the nature, or the history, Groede Podium has something for everyone. A visit to this park guarantees fun and discoveries.

Furthermore Groede Podium is near the following sights: Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed (±1,1 km), Waterdunen (±1,4 km), Museum House 1912 (±2,5 km), Pierewiet Play Farm (±2,5 km) & Nieuwe Sluis Lighthouse (±2,8 km).

For information

Gerard de Moorsweg 4, Groede
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