The Festival of Zeeland Flanders 2024


Each year, the Festival of Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen transforms the most striking and unique locations of this 'distinctive land' into magical concert halls. Nestled on the periphery with Flanders, the festival offers an unparalleled blend of music and setting, with each location meticulously chosen to harmonise with the performed pieces.

International Acclaim

With a reputation that far transcends the boundaries of the Netherlands, the Festival of Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen establishes itself as one of the leading classical music events in Western Europe. This is reaffirmed year after year by the invitation of esteemed national and international orchestras and ensembles.

Diversity and Emerging Talent

The festival is not only renowned for its grand-scale performances but also for its unique renditions and the opportunities it offers to rising talent. The varied programming ensures that visitors can enjoy a wide array of musical delights throughout the festival, spread across the entire Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen region.