Luxe chalet 6

Luxe chalet 6 - 1 Luxe chalet 6 (May 2016) - #2

The luxurious chalets for six people are provided with three bedrooms, a gas heater with circular pump, a living space, equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower, toilet and basin.

In the chalet you have your own router, so you can enjoy the fast Internet!

What is the difference between a normal chalet and a luxurious chalet? The luxurious chalets have more living space (they are bigger), the single beds are broader, the furniture is more comfortable, there is a dishwasher and an extractor fan in the kitchen, and a flat screen television with a CD/DVD player. Furthermore, in these chalets it is easier to set up a children's cot because one of the regular beds can be flipped aside.

- 3 bedrooms
- Furniture with more comfort
- Flatscreen television, CD/ DVD player
- Dishwasher
- Wireless internet for free
- Pets not allowed

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