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When you rent this cozy, luxury 5-person holiday home in Cadzand, Zeeland, you'll be guaranteed a beach holiday you'll never forget! This attached holiday home comes with all modern conveniences, like a dishwasher, washing machine, and wash dryer, and it is located at only 200 meters from the beach.Cadzand is the most southern seaside resort of the Netherlands, on the border with Belgium. A visit to one of the historic cities of Bruges, Ghent, or Knokke should certainly be on your agenda. However, Cadzand itself will also offer you a lot of fun due to its many restaurants and terraces, both in the village and on the beach. The beaches of Cadzand are among the most beautiful beaches that the Netherlands has to offer. You can stroll or sunbathe, or just be active by going on a long hike on the beach or by practicing water sports.In addition to the many hikes, there are also many cycling routes that will lead you along the coast, through the dune areas, and over the country roads to several characteristic villages.A visit to the Zwin is certainly worth it, it is a mudflats region with a lot of flora and fauna, meaning that it is a true paradise for birds. You can visit Het Zwin yourself, but there are also guided hikes quite frequently.If you are looking for a wonderful vacation with your partner or the whole family in Zeeland, then you are at the right place in Cadzand, where you can rent this cozy holiday home for up to 5 people.

Cozy 5-person holiday home in Cadzand only 200 yards from the beach

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